Nice things people have said about me

Kesta Dennison / Developer. KED Model

"Great design work requires a great working relationship.  I was having a hard time streamlining a complex theory, I didn’t really know where to start and how to go about getting things going. Sarah not only provided me with that focus but also provided me with support.  She taught me so many things I didn’t know about my own business. 

I was looking for a designer who could create a recognisable and unique branding for my design that reflected my work and personality.  Sarah has a great eye for detail and design, we now have a distinctive model and consistency in our branding. 

Sarah exceeded my expectations, she is smart, creative and collaborative it was a very rewarding experience, she bought my dream alive, I learned so much from her and can’t wait to collab with her in the future"

Ro Marsh / Director. Harleh Laser Clinic

"I approached Sarah about needing a better website for our business, and I was so impressed with her enthusiasm, effort, kindness & patience throughout the journey.

She really took control of everything - I didn’t know where to start and had no idea about the many things you can do with websites and all the lingo! 

She explained so much to me, and we now have a very successful website that makes sales by itself and works so well!  We get comments about it all the time and we find it so easy to work even our newest receptionist has found it fabulous.

So thank you so much Sarah! We so appreciate what you’ve done for us"

If you are a business owner who wants to be seen and heard, in a way that differentiates you from everyone else, let's chat.